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Omaha hi low Strategy Guide and online resource for internet poker

  Learn how to play Omaha hi low. Omaha hi low is the world's second most popular poker game. One reasons for the popularity of Omaha hi low (also know as many variations of the name like Omaha 8 or better, Omaha high low, Omaha 8b, or Omaha high low split etc.) is that you are initially dealt four hole cards to play instead of just two as in Texas holdem, so players find a lot of hands to play. Creating a lot more action around the game. Lots of action equals bigger pots. Here we will be reviewing how to play Omaha hi low and basic strategy. Omaha is a high low split game. Players start with four "down" cards. Players share five "community" cards (which are dealt face-up in the center of the table). You MUST use two and only two of your four... read more  
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Bodogs New Software
It was time for Bodog to add some new features. Every time an online poker room like Bodog poker or any of the other big names start updating their software controversy will begin. Even if you don’t like change, Bodog is updating to better serve their players with added features that all poker players will learn to enjoy. Although it seems that the new look and feel is being beta testing for now.

No one knows for sure what the final look will be but here at Omaha hi low we have a sneak peek at the table view.
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Doyle’s Poker Room Reenters the US Market

Many online poker rooms withdrew their support of US players in the mist of the passage of the UIGEA right as the US market was booming with online poker. The US online poker market saw the fall of the largest player Party Poker and 888.  While many rooms decided to stay and wait it all out like Doyle’s Room, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute poker and Ultimate bet. But as time went on the pressure to comply grew. The computer software network they operated with in Tribeca decided this really for them.  Doyles Room decided it was in their best interest to not allow US poker players.  They took a big blow to their incoming traffic and lost a lot of their poker player to other savvy poker rooms still willing to risk and wait it out.
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Bodog Strikes back with a left hook

Bodogs legal battle is far from over with 1st Technologies LLC involving a patent infringement claims. On Thursday Bodog was in the courtroom for the latest legal maneuvering. The first punch was thrown when Bodog.com domain was shut down by a judge and a default judgment of almost $49 million for failing to appear in court. Bodog countered with changing their domain name to Bodoglife.com. A pretty fitting name considering the Billionaire Calvin Ayre has made quit the brand a life style and he is truly living the life.
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Poker Strategy & Tips
Late Position
So let start by a little tip about position. When the time comes like every poker games does when the odds to play are in your favor. This is called position. In omaha you can afford to see more flops with weaker hands when your in late position and receive huge rewards after the flop. The later you act the more information you have about the other players hands. I know this sounds like just another basic poker tips but many players forget to use there advantages even if they have week hands pre flop. So if you can get in cheep with weaker hands in late position call the big blind and see what you might flop. It will pay off big time and many of the players might not put you on a big hand.
Winning HI Low
Betting with the best hand should be a work of art. If you think you have the best hand it needs to be played smart. Maximize your rewards by betting the pot to build it up as large as you can. If you have the absolute nuts this might be done by smaller bets to allow your opponents to catch a hand and keep calling or end up betting into the nuts. Now remember this is high low so you might have both the best hi and low hand. I know this is beginner tips but be patient. This is all about extracting as many chips as possible and this can be done by playing smart.

Poker Tells

Double-checking - Players double-check their hand for many reasons. If a player is under the gun (soon to be forced to make a discussion) and he looks back at his hand there is most likely a tell there. You need to dicide do they have the best hand or they are going to bluff. Some Players are trying to set you off by thinking they are studying a monster hand. There are two main examples. A player that looks at there hand and then guards it with a chip or their hands. Also a player that studies their hand for to long this is the academy award winner where they are playing a role like acting. Many times this is fun to test yourself on reading players at any game. Example: Your in a game and fifth street card comes out being the third suited card on the board, a quick glance back here is for a flush check. IMO if you lstudy this tell, many times the player does not have a flush. They would already know if they had suited card based on their pre flop strategy.
  Never Played Poker before?  No problem! Poker can be a very simple game to understand yet one can spend a lifetime trying to master it. To perfect your game you will not only need a strong foundation in the basics and oh by the way did I mention luck. Even the best of players are subject to lady luck and wish her on there side. Stick to a 3 square meals of poker a day and
  • you will be a pro in no time.
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    If you play poker on a regular basis, or you are planning on playing on a regular basis you must be able to properly manage your money. It doesn’t matter if you play high stakes, low stakes, ring games or tournament games. No matter what your style is you must be able to manage your money. The way you manage your money is going to depend on you, but there are many helpful tips to managing your poker money.
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    omaha hi low strategy guide and tips
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